OUR registration POLICY:

The investment starts off with a deposit of $395. It is non-refundable.
All Early-Bird and Regular payments are due by June 1, 2018.


1. Your passport must be renewed. It doesn't matter what expiration date you see on your passport. By international law, it just can't expire within 6 months of arriving. Trust us, you won't be allowed to board the international flight.

2. Get some Travelers' Insurance. Whether it's from your credit card company or from a Traveling Insurance website. Be sure to show proof when you arrive. After leading several retreats, we've realized that you cannot predict the future. People assuming nothing will happen are unfortunately not fortune tellers. Shit can happen (though we wish it wouldn't)! You can use World Nomad Insurance online or look around to see the variety of policy options.

Note: If you decide to purchase through this affiliate link (I'll get a credit, but at no extra cost to you).


For The Trip: Any cancellation will result in us keeping your non-refundable deposit of $395. In addition, any cancellation made between: April 15th-May 15th, 2018 will result in a loss of 50% of the trip price. Any cancellation made between: May 15th, 2018 and the trip departure will result in a total loss of funds.  We reserve the right to cancel the trip if it is not meeting the trip minimum (if we do so your deposit is refunded in full). 


It's a rare situation, but if we cannot match you with a roommate (with similar sleeping habits and schedules), we will have to switch you to a single occupancy room (and you will have to pay the difference), however if you sign up early you will most likely get your choice.