we will be
in sukawati, bali

why i chose bali

7 years ago, I was leaving Corporate America around the time I needed to find myself. There had to be a better life calling, a way to inspire others to live a healthy and creative life, a passion I could evolve without working in a cubicle. I was given a book by Elizabeth Gilbert entitled, "Eat, Pray, Love". While I didn't vibe very much with the writer's style, I vibed with her experience of an island called Bali. 

When you read about Bali in general, you can instantly transport yourself to the island. In your mind, you can imagine all of the rice paddy fields and the vibrant colors beaming from all of the Indonesian flowers. Scents of exotic spices can just make your mouth water without having a clue what it would be like in real life. Reading about the sandy beaches, the excellent surf, and the warm hospitality just makes you want to toss all your winter gear and jump on the next flight!

A few years later, I had a real heart-to-heart talk with my friend Megan. She had just returned from Bali with a glowing face and all positive vibes. At that time, I had found my life calling to teach yoga. Yoga without the dogma. Yoga with an urban frame of mind. I was ready to launch my first Rogue Yogi Re:Treat. My first choice was Bali. But, Spirit said, "not yet". I didn't question it. No judgement or comparing to other people who were successfully leading yoga retreats there. I trusted that one day, I'd be ready to guide my loved ones on this island. 

After leading successful retreats in various countries, Spirit said it was time. 

On July 1-7, 2018, this near-decade vision is coming true for you all. Everything that Rogue Yogi stands for...gets to come to fruition for your own personal journey of creativity, yoga, wellness and self-love. 

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Our actual destination is minutes away from the ocean. With the micro-climates on the island, we are strategically located away from Ubud. Our resort experiences constant breeze, minimal mosquitos and traffic, and maximum relaxation.

Ubud is a 15-20 minute taxi ride away.
Close enough to hop over for a day trip. Far enough to be out of the increasing traffic conditions