"Beneath the Surface"

A Writing Workshop by Carmen Flores (Our Lovely Assistant!)

I have broken in so many techniques from different mentors, countries and personal experiences from over the years!  To try to put them all together would result in a month-long writing workshop, which I’m afraid we don’t have time for ha!  Interestingly enough, every single exercise tried has brought each person back to one main area of focus, themselves.

I am designing a workshop that will, with effort, reconnect you with your inner truth. For this reason, the theme of our writing workshop is “Beneath the Surface.”  

You have to dig to find out what you truly want to express, who you truly want to surround yourself with, and who you truly want to be.  This topic has repeatedly found its way to me for years. I took that as a sign to intentionally help others, as well as myself, to continue the discovery of personal truth.

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curated for you

  • Welcome Dinner w/ Live Music and Balinese Dance
    A beautiful start to your week by nourishing all your senses. There'll be a pre-dinner cocktail party with local musicians playing traditional bamboo gamelon with traditional dancing. We are definitely invited to learn the instrument and dance, too!

  • Temple Ceremony
    Guided purification rituals at Tempak Siring Water Temple, the most sacred water spring temple in Bali. Balinese Hindus from all over Bali journey to the natural springs to help cure their ailments, spiritually cleanse themselves, and return to their villages with holy water to use for a multitude of purposes.

  • Charity Event for the Balinese
    We'll get to see first-hand how tourism and the rise of plastic usage are affecting the island. This is also where we'll learn about the movement to educate the locals and reduce the negative footprint. It's our opportunity to see how to give back to this magical place

  • Rogue Yogi Rhythm
    A fun night-time yoga session that fucks all the rules and applies everything we've learned at the same damn time. We'll get a mix of Tropical House, Deep House, Futurebass and whatever grooves I find along the way
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Dance Workshops 🌴

Monkey Sanctuary 🌴

Spa Treatments 🌴

Photography Tour 🌴

🌴 Surfing/Scuba Diving

🌴 Scuba Diving

🌴 Healers/Balians

🌴 Cooking Classes

There's so many options to add-on to your retreat experience.
We will have a personal Concierge service that will help you with bookings and transportation.